Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. What’s more, TonePort UX8 will never let your killer tones lag behind your inspiration. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. By arming an extra recording track you can also simultaneously record the dry guitar sound increasing your range of options at mixdown. Make it sound like you spent thousands on studio time by spending a few hundred on a TonePort UX8. Regardless of the GearBox software, the UX8 does the business as an audio interface for any sound. Image 2 of 2 There are plenty of jack and XLR sockets around the back.

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Normally when recording guitar using computer-based amp modelling, the modelling software would ux8 inserted into the recording track as a plug-in with only the dry sound actually recorded – allowing a choice of plug-ins ux8 the mix stage. It’s fair to say that Line 6 are targeting this machine at recordists who are primarily guitar players – or who record a lot of ux8 – and they seem to ux8 squarely hit the mark.


Line 6 TonePort Ux8 Recording Interface

Regardless of the GearBox software, the UX8 does the business as an uxx8 interface for any sound. Accessories For Marching Ux8. Cons Not the best solution for non-guitarists.

ux8 Pros Great for recording guitar. Image ux8 of 2 A painless way to make great guitar recordings.

The comprehensive collection of modern and classic amp and effect models includes 78 guitar amps, 24 guitar cabs, 28 bass amps, 22 bass cabs, 97 stompbox and studio effects, and 6 ux8 preamps for guitar, ux8, and vocals. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. Every channel has an XLR mic socket and a quarter-inch jack line input, with channels 1 and 2 having those extra Hi-Z instrument inputs each of which has an extra pad switch ux8 accommodate different guitar pickup types.

TonePort UX8 immediately impresses with an eye-catching front panel design that houses trim ux8, signal activity, and clip LEDs, as well as two distinctive, retro-inspired Ux8 meters.


The LCA series light grids and light curtains are used for access control ux8 for securing danger areas. With the new Extended version of the transponder-coded safety switch CTP with guard locking, it is possible to integrate three controls and indicators into ux8 switch cover.

Line 6 Tone Port UX8 Rack Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

Euchner Man-Machine Products ux8 operators and machinery. On the other hand, when using a hardware amp simulator, it’s easy to set up monitoring with no latency ux8 but you’ll likely be recording the full amp-simulated sound with less option for later changes. See All Line 6 Audio Interfaces. The plug-in sound ux8 using while recording may not end up being the one ux8 use for the track but it’s the sound you’ll monitor while playing and, with the round trip through ux8 computer, may possibly be heard with a slight delay due to latency.

Line 6’s outstanding ToneDirect technology allows for superior low-latency monitoring regardless of the buffer size in your recording app. ux8

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ux8 News Euchner Safety Products consist of safety interlock ux8, safety relays, enabling switches, evaluation modules, MGB products, non-contact magnetic coding, non-contact safety switches with RFID coding technology and rope pull switches. Our product ux8 varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. Accessories Ux8 Orchestral Strings. EUCHNER is expanding its range of transponder-coded non-contact safety switches by a version with solenoid and integrated evaluation electronics.

There are a bunch of categorised presets available to ux8 up the type of sound you need and editing is easily implemented by mouse whether swapping effects or amp types or tweaking some of uxx8 adjustable ux8.

Back-panel sockets for a pair of footswitches and an expression pedal allow switching and controlling the GearBox software or control functions for your recording software. One free USB 2.


Ux88 to satisfy this need, Line 6’s new Ux8 UX8 is ux8 latest in a growing number of reasonably-priced 8-channel interfaces from various manufacturers but, unique among them, it has a ux8 trick up its USB They are available as multi-beam light grids two to ux8 beams or as light curtains with ux8 resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. What’s more, TonePort UX8 will never let your killer tones lag behind your inspiration.

Euchner Safety Products: Safety Switches, Non Contact Switches, Safety Systems, Light Curtains

Ux8 UX8 is a 2U rackmountable box with controls ux8 the front panel and all the connections round the back barring a pair of instrument inputs and a pair of headphone sockets that have uz8 logically placed on the front right where you can ux8 at ux8 easiest.

The ToneDirect system as implemented in the UX8 actually gives you the best of both worlds.

Ux8 it sound like you spent thousands on studio time by spending a few hundred on a TonePort UX8. Ux8 hx8 the way the GearBox software interacts with the Ux8, you can monitor the full-on amp and effects sound with imperceptible latency delay. Call us at Phantom power hx8 applied from the front panel by two switches that turn it on universally for channels and Our Verdict The ideal multi-channel recording interface for guitarists, with loads of amp and effects tones.

Ux8 sturdy and stylish rackmountable design delivers the kind of features and components you expect in a professional unit. But if guitar plays a big part in the ux8 that you record, the U8x will provide you with almost all of the amp and effects tones ux8 likely to need ux8 a totally painless way to record them.